Zero Turn Ride on Mower: Features and Benefits

A zero turn mower refers to a riding lawn mower which can operate on a zero-degree-turn radius, making it easier for the rider to work around obstacles such as trees, poles, end of rows etc. The high degree of maneuverability of the machine enables you to have a perfectly manicured lawn in reduced time as compared to a traditional ride on lawn tractor.

A zero turn ride on mower comes with two driving wheels each of which has an independent wheel motor attached to it. So, instead of the steering wheel of a traditional lawn tractor, a ZTR mower comes with two steering handles equipped with separate and independent steering controls. This greatly increases the maneuverability of the machine. These models can cut the grass so close that often you do not need to perform any additional trimming and you still get an excellent finish on your lawn.

The best of these zero turn mower models such as the Grillo FX20 come with out-front floating decks that, apart from offering excellent visibility, make working the corners, or areas under trees and bushes extremely easy. The floating deck is also designed to adapt itself easily to undulating terrains and uneven surfaces. This makes the model ideal for working flat as well undulating or contoured terrains such as are found in hospitals, camping grounds, schools, and retirement villages.

Since you can make a 360 degrees turn with these mowers (when you are at the end of the lawn and need to turn to mow the next row), there is no need to back up and mow the areas that you would miss when making the turns with a tractor style machine. 

Zero turn mowers are good for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of time they spend mowing. The bigger your yard is and the more turns you are required to make, the more time you can save with a zero turn mower! Moreover, a zero turn mower can mow grass at a higher speed than traditional ride-on mowers. While the straight line cutting speed of a traditional mower is 6-8 kph, a zero turn machine will mow at a speed of 10-12ph. Therefore, it is both speed and accuracy that makes the ZTR mower a better choice than tractor style machines.

And more benefits are attached when it comes to a Grillo FX20 ZTR. This particular model is defined by its ability to shift from the rear discharge or cut-and-drop mode to mulching mode with the help of a quick shift lever. Another unique attribute of the machine is its ability to control the cutting height of the deck electrically with the push of a switch. And add to it the excellent safety features for slope use and the commercial style sturdy build quality of the model and you will know why this is one of the best zero turn ride on mowers that you can get your hand on!