Steep Slope Ride On Mower Safety

When it comes to mowing a lawn, most people wouldn’t think twice about the possibility of falling off or tipping over their ride on mower… However, on larger plots of land with steep slopes and undulating terrain these risks are real. At Agrigarden, we have heard a number of stories of accidents causing substantial injuries from riders using a standard lawn mower on their sloping terrain, which these mowers are really not designed for. It is imperative for safety that your machine can cope with your terrain.

Grillo ride on mowers are up to the challenges that we find in both Australia and New Zealand conditions, with the Grillo Climbers featuring the latest and most effective safety features for sloping country terrain. 

Whether you are looking for your first steep slope ride on mower, or replacing something that just isn’t up to the job, the team at Agrigarden and our local dealers will help you find the right machine for the job. 

There are two series of Grillo Climbers - 7 and 9. The 7 series are suitable for small to medium sized properties. The are packed full of safety features great for cutting down grass on undulating to steep, but not too rough terrain. For terrain which is rough underfoot such as that which may have been previously used for livestock, properties with dense vegetation, or larger properties, the 9 series models are the way to go. A robust machine with a more powerful engine and heavier duty transmission prepared to take on tough work on steep terrain. The 9 series ride on mowers are great for cutting down long grass and scrub where necessary. These ride on mowers are some of the most sturdy, powerful and robust tough terrain mowers available on the market, but also mow short grass well.. These machines can go even where a tractor cannot!

The main safety features found in both the 7 and 9 series include:

  • A low centre of gravity. As these machines are purpose built for taking on slopes, the operator sits low on the machine in the snug design. This is one of the features that reduces the chance of tipping. It also helps the operator to feel fully in control of the machine.
  • Differential locks (diff locks). These are pedal operated and help to reduce slipping, especially going across and down slopes. Simply use the diff locks if there is any slipping feeling and you will instantly regain traction. 
  • Robust build with a snug, low profile design. Grillo machines are made with top quality European componentry.. purposely designed to sit low and hug the ground, these features help with both traction and stability. 
  • Tractor tyres. All of the Grillo Climbers (and the MD22) feature tractor tyres. These machines are built to take on the slopes… Not the golfing green! 
Interested in keeping both you and your family safe when taking on the slopes? Enquire today for more information and advice on selecting the safest ride on mower for your property.