Lawn Mowers for long Grass

Every property poses a different challenge (or many challenges for some!). Whether it is steep slopes, undulating terrain, tight corners, obstacles, long grass, wet grass, or even thick grass and perhaps weeds or brush, the Grillo range from Agrigarden has a solution for you. 

We hear time and time again from customers how they have had these problems and tried to solve them with a traditional, run of the mill tractor style machine that just isn’t up to the job. In some instances, belts shred or the cutting deck blocks up, in others, simply disappointing results which waste both time and money. 

The range of Grillo Ride On Mowers are not just a “standard machine”. The range is particularly suited for New Zealand and Australian conditions - ready to tackle our unique terrain. 

It is not just the machine range that physically differs, it is the service that we are here to offer you. Our priority is keeping the operator safe at all times and selecting the best mower to suit your property. This means personal advice and having one of our dealers provide a demonstration. 

Our range of lawn mowers for thick grass include:
The 9 series options are the most robust models designed to take on hard challenges. The 9 Series of Grillo Climbers will easily take down roughage such as scrub, blackberry, thick kikuyu, marshmallow grass, mustard grass, wild oats and will mow through thick grass, weeds and bush over a meter tall.

The powerful cutting engine and large cutting deck allow these ride on mowers to achieve great results with thick grass. The snug design, low centre of gravity and turf tyres keep you safe while doing so. 

The best option for your property will depend on a range of additional factors such as property size, terrain and personal preference.  For ride on mowers where grass pick-up is required, the FD (Front Deck) series ride on mowers may be your best solution.

For more information, find your local Grillo Dealer or call us in New Zealand on 0800 474 556 for help and advice on finding the perfect mower for your thick grass and property requirements.  In Australia call us on 1800 474 556.